This plugin is discontinued

Host Infusionsoft Landing Pages on your WordPress Site

Free of Charge, no registration, no phone-home, no branding. Nothing but net.

Create and host as many Infusionsoft landing pages as you want, and put them on any WordPress site URL you wish!

For a get started guide, watch this video by MonkeyPod's Greg Jenkins:

Release Notes

IFrame vs Embed vs Redirect Modes:

Iframe - Displays the page directly from Infusionsoft's servers, in an iframe. Not great for SEO, and not great for usability. Worth trying if you have display issues or other challenges with Embed.

Embed - Caches the landing page HTML in your WordPress, and delivers it from there. The cache is updated every 30 seconds, so if you make changes, give it a few seconds to catch up. Advantages to this mode are the ability to modify the page HTML, enable shortcodes, better SEO, etc.

Redirect - Simply redirects from your URL to the Infusionsoft hosted version. No real advantage to this other than a pretty URL to share.

You can change the mode of any landing page at any time.

Inactive Landing Pages vs Deleted Landing Pages

An inactivated page simply no longer displays, but all of your page hit and config data is retained. Deleted pages no longer exist at all in your system.

Assigning Pages to URLs (Slugs):

If a page/post exists at the URL you're using for your landing page, that page/post will be displayed instead. You do not need to, and should not create a page in WordPress in order to display a landing page.

URL Parameters

You can use URL parameters to autofill the form.

Dynamic Autofilled Email Hider

You can add a parameter to the URL (&h=1) to dynamically autmomatically hide the email input field if the email address is autofilled. This has the benefit of letting the link pass the email address, and preventing the visitor from changing the email address.

Known Issues

The new landing page builder uses [] codes in it's field names. Because the Plugin supports shortcode processing in EMBED mode, some plugins may attempt to replace these codes. Until a solution is in place, you may want to switch the mode of your pages to IFRAME, which prevents WordPress from interfering with the page.

Facebook Shares were showing as 404. Fixed in v1.1

Missing trailing slash could cause 404 whenu using built-in thank you page in embed mode. Fixed in v1.2

Plugin Add/Update Fix Error. Fixed in v1.3

Cache Fix. Fixed in v1.4

Minor warnings fixed in 1.5. Added Facebook / Social Media Optimizations. Added URL Parameter support. Added ability to dynamically hide email address field (experimental).

v1.6 fixes "page not found" messages in the page title when using the "All in One SEO Pack" plugin. v1.61 fixes some possble formatting issues in Facebook shares v1.62 fixes a PHP warning v1.63 fixes undocumented changes to IS's thank you page URL's


Thanks to Ernest Saco for encouragement, thanks to Micah Mitchell for being a great business partner, and thanks to the Memberium and Infusionsoft communities.